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Returns & Exchanges

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At Muah Cosmetics, LLC., we value all our clientele as much as we value luxury product experiences, and it is our desire to provide a fabulous experience for all. Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients, by our manufacturer located in North America.

We have personally invested more in products by choosing a manufacturer closer to home, allowing for a more hands on approach to our brand.  The majority of our products are EU Certified, which entails more rigorous testing and approval processes than the FDA approval process in the United States. This process is both costly and time consuming, however, delivering the best possible products made of the highest quality ingredients is why YOU have chosen to be fabulous with US. And- if we won’t settle for anything less than what is truly the best, why should you?

Our products are limited quantity release, and because of this, there will be times when a replacement may not be available. We will work with you to resolve your concerns in a manner consistent with our standards, subject to a very limited set of circumstances in accordance with the same policies and procedures being implemented across the industry to combat illegal resale activity and fraud.

We take returns and exchanges very seriously- we’ve been there ourselves! There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a product online, and receiving something that looks totally different in person. We are not the big corporate cosmetics brand with hundreds of employees and stores… yet. We address each concern personally, and every member of our team from ownership to employees, is responsible for ensuring you receive exactly what you order.

We have taken extra steps to triple check our product photos, swatches, and descriptions, to assist you with choosing what is truly fabulous for you. Our “Magic Mirror” allows you to try on products before buying them. We implemented swatches or smears of every shade available to give a better visual representation of the actual shades being shown. Most of our products photograph beautifully, but some are darker in the container versus on the skin, simply because of the type of product or finish.

(EX: Glosses go on with a clear, translucent finish that is tinted in the color represented. Matte Lipsticks however, go on opaque, fully covering your lips with color that is not sheer or glossy, which results in a richer pigment.)

We realize our product pigments and colors could still appear differently online, based on numerous factors such as: individual clientele’s computer screen quality, brightness capabilities, and equipment, and other factors beyond our and our clientele’s control.

While this happens from time to time, please be advised that if you place an order online, and the color is not what you expected, we will limit exchanges due to color issues to 2 unused items per calendar year, per client. There is a difference in products looking totally different online versus in person, and products looking totally different online versus on you! (We’ve also been here too!) Again, we have spent significant time and efforts to insure the products seen online are as close to the colors and shades of the products when viewing in person. If you have any concerns, please contact us before finalizing your purchase.

We will happily send a replacement wand for liquid lip products that require a wand applicator, should, in the rare occurrence, your wand break. While we do not anticipate this, we are prepared!

Our return policy, is consistent with the return policies of other large cosmetics retailers and brands, based on several factors such as: Damage to products in the shipping process versus simple buyer’s remorse, excessive order return history, mail fraud, protection of patented and/or trademarked products and intellectual property rights, suspected or actual illegal reseller activity, or fraudulent use of our products for reproductive or duplicative purposes. Knock-offs or reproduction of our products without our knowledge or permission is NOT fabulous for anyone- its the other “F” word… Fraud!

Products which are more than 50% used, or are damaged after receipt by our clientele cannot be accepted for return, refund, or exchange. Products damaged during use, such as but not limited to: broken barrel tubes on lipsticks, melted products, cracked or crushed eyeshadows, pressed powders, blushes or bronzers, products which have expired, or are no longer available on our website, unfortunately cannot be returned for exchange or refund. 

If you have any questions before finalizing your purchase, please reach out to our Clientele Concierge who will work with you to determine the best colors or pigments to enhance your natural beauty. Our team is well versed and educated in the proper methods for color matching, and may even suggest a personalized consultation for special circumstances.

We will accept returns based on the following very limited circumstances:

1. Returns or Exchanges for Products Damaged During Shipping: If you received products damaged during the shipping process, please retain the box, packaging and all contents, and contact our Clientele Concierge as soon as possible at for assistance. You will be asked to provide photographs of the damaged original shipping box and the damaged product(s). (Smartphone snap shots are absolutely acceptable, so long as they are clear and the product damage is visible.)

This is for your benefit as well as to ensure we can resolve any issues within our shipping process we may not be aware of, so our products are not continually damaged in shipping.

Products damaged in shipping will be replaced at no cost to our Clientele. We will initiate a claim with the original shipping carrier for the damaged products, as well as the investigation process with the shipping carrier. Clientele will not be responsible for initiating an investigation of damage to products during shipping, and will not be eligible for compensation from the shipping carrier for the cost of damaged products or shipping.

Please be advised that damaging products or shipping containers after receipt is fraud, and it is a federal crime to initiate any investigation for damaged products if such products were not damaged in the shipping process. We will not be responsible for any investigations by the US Postal Service, or their findings.

2. Our Client Concierge will assist you with determining if your product may be returned or exchanged, and if accepted due to damage during shipping or manufacturing, we will provide a new prepaid return shipping label, via email, for you to print and affixed to the original shipping packaging, covering the original shipping label. Please pack items into the original box and include a copy of your original completed invoice. Please ship your package with the indicated shipping company, based on the return shipping label. (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, etc.)

3. In some cases, we will not be able to accept returns, refund your purchase, or initiate a product exchange, such as if the product you are requesting for exchange has sold out or is no longer available, if there are excessive returns or exchanges on your client account, or if a chargeback has been issued against your original purchase.

I received the wrong product! It’s not what I ordered at all!

If the product you received was not the product you ordered, and an ERROR on OUR part:

  1. First, please contact us no later than 10 business days from receipt of your order. This will help us get you the correct product you ordered, especially since our quantities are limited and we may have to work some magic to get you your fabulous products!
  2. Next, we will verify your order and what you actually received, and will do what is needed to continue being fabulous and get your products to you ASAP! We will ask for emailed photos of the products you received for quality control purposes. All labels and boxes must be visible in the photos. Please do not remove any labels from the products. If product labels or boxes are not available, we will not be able to exchange your products.
  3. We will communicate a ship date for your replacement/original products once we verify our inventory. Please note it could take up to 14 business days for you to receive your products depending on our inventory, your location, and best shipping methods available.

Pay it forward - Give a fabulous gift!

Mistakes happen even when you are fabulous! We would kindly ask that instead of sending us back the product you received in error, and once we have verified the error on our part with you, please GIFT the product to a friend, sister, mother, cousin, bestie, etc. Why not share something fabulous with someone you love? As a token of our sincerest apologies for sending you the wrong product in error, we will ship the correct product to you, at no additional charge, at the soonest available ship date, and will communicate this information to you at the time of shipping.

If you need your order within 2-3 business days, please communicate this to us. If we have the product in stock, we will do our best and spare no expense shipping you the correct products based on your original order, as fast as possible given your location and the logistics with the most reliable shippers. (UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS Priority).

If you received the wrong product, and time is of the essence, or if we are completely sold out and cannot get your products to you by the date you need them, we will refund your purchase costs and will issue your account a one time 50% discount off one item in your next order, as well as free shipping for your next order. Like our return policy for discrepancies due to color or shade of products received, we limit our replacement items policy to two items per calendar year, per client.

Being fabulous is about always trying to do your best, and sometimes there is no amount of magic, but we are committed to providing all our clientele with a fabulous experience even when there are circumstances no one can control.