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Our Story

Our “Muah” Moment...

Muah Kiss & Makeup is a confluence of the desire to provide our clients with the highest of quality, the richest pigments, and a luxury cosmetics experience. Our desire is to leave a fabulous legacy and make a difference in the world through the premise of gifting a #MuahMoment.

Muah was born while watching our little girl discover the power born from confidence, and lip gloss was the catalyst. In the innocence of youth, we learned beauty lies in sharing and caring and witnessed confidence coming to life with the swipe of a wand.

We are all so much more than just a pretty face. Individually, we empower. There is a sense of control over one’s destiny with the swipe of a lipstick. There is a sudden command for respect when entering a room. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. With a touch of glamour and grace, our Muah Cosmetics embody a sense of confidence for all, never to be denied.

One’s cosmetics should highlight the beauty within, should be made of the highest quality pigments and ingredients, and should be luxury grade at an attainable cost.

With this in mind, we set out to build a luxury line of cosmetics for everyone who needs a #MuahMoment. Comprised of only the finest ingredients, and manufactured in North America, Muah’s mission is and will always be to provide our clients with a line of cosmetics that render confidence, empowerment, and a fabulous reflection of the beauty within. 

When it’s so good you want to share it with someone you love, they’ll wear the smile you gave them, and we’ll know our mission is complete. There is absolutely no substitution for quality. With this in mind, Muah provides an opportunity for anyone to own luxury cosmetics at reasonably attainable prices. Share the love, flash a confident smile! We are excited to share your #MuahMoment soon! 

You can conquer the world with the right shade lipstick. And, the ones you love will face the world boldly, when they wear the smile you gave them!