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Our Story


Our “Muah” Moment...

Muah is a confluence of the desire to make the world a more genuinely beautiful place while building a fabulous legacy for our children. 

Muah was born while watching our little girl discover the power born from confidence, and lip gloss was the catalyst. In the innocence of youth, we learned beauty lies in sharing and caring, and witnessed confidence coming to life with the swipe of a wand. Our story is just like everyone else's really- we're just an ordinary family trying to make extraordinary impacts, with products we are proud to put our name on.

We are all so much more than just another pretty face in a crowded world. Individually, we empower. There is a sense of control over one’s destiny with the swipe of a lipstick. A sudden command for respect when entering a room. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. With a touch of glamour and grace, Muah embodies a sense of confidence for all, never to be denied.

With this in mind, our standards are simple. Our products are: meant to highlight the beauty within, made with only the highest quality pigments and ingredients, paraben free, cruelty free, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, and luxury grade at a reasonable price.

Our products are manufactured in Canada and EU Certified- one of the most rigorous product certification processes in the world. Without this, we would be unable to market our products to our Canadian clients, or in any country belonging to the European Union. We do not and will not market or sell our products in any country which requires animal testing. (We love our fur baby way too much to do that!)

When it’s so good you want to share a #MuahMoment with someone you love, they’ll wear the smile you gave them, and we’ll know our mission is complete. 

You can conquer the world with the right shade lipstick- even if conquering the world is simply conquering a grocery run with a toddler! Face your world a little more boldly, confidently, and elegantly, today and every day.  With this in mind, share the love, flash a confident smile, and show us your #MuahMoments!

With love & no-smudge kisses,

Muah! 💋 

-Dan, Sarah, Daniel, & Grace